The drive behind of Velammal was the vision of M.V.Muthuramalingam, with an unquenchable dream to give a best in class education to all stratums of society, which transformed velammal into a premier institution providing quality education in the city.The interiors are designed exclusively to provide a safe haven for children. With the best of facilities to make read more

For twenty three years the trust, named after the mother of the founder, has served as an umbrella to several schools and three professional colleges that today educate nearly 45,000 students from ‘K.G to P.G’. All the institutions (schools and colleges) currently offer state-level benchmarks in the all-round development of children and young students.By using the best read more

Chairman's Message

Our Staffs


“ A man has three names - the name he inherits, the name his parents give him and the name he makes for himself ” Shri M V Muthuramalingam, Founder - Chairman, Velammal Educational Trust, earned his name by his hard- work, dedication and determination.

“It was always in the heart of the parents that there is a school, which aims at the synthesis of moral values and scientific achievements, where we have the concept of read more

We always believe that every child that's put in velammal will have the best of facilities and knowledge to have a broader outlook of life, a quality in thoughts, dreams and actions. We also shoulder the mission to build their lateral thinking and to make them live like themselves.In order to read more